Alpha Version of stal/IX: the first statically linked, source-based, bootstrapped rolling Linux distribution

March 23, 2023

We are pleased to officially announce the alpha release of stal/IX, which we believe is the first statically linked, source-based, bootstrapped rolling enterprise-grade Linux distribution with a Nix-like file system.

Based on the IX package manager, stal/IX is an open source project committed to minimalism, simplicity, and security.
stal/IX development to the current version took about two years.

Creator and lead developer Anton Samokhvalov about the project, stal/IX is an attempt to rethink some fundamentals without touching Linux API and ABI. One of the stal/IX goals - from the very beginning to build the system in such a way that it is possible to understand how it works, and not only use it conveniently”.

Some highlights:

Unlike traditional Linux distributions that rely on dynamic linking and shared libraries, stal/IX is statically linked.

Our source-based approach allows users to build their own packages from scratch, giving them complete control over their system, while our rolling release model ensures that users always have access to the latest updates.

One of the most important features of IX package manager - its design, which allows users to use it both as a basic package manager in stal/IX distribution, and separately, in any supported OS (Linux, macOS).

We believe that our innovative approach to package management and distribution will provide users with a faster, more secure development experience and build simplicity.

The alpha version of stal/IX is available for early adopters to try out and provide feedback. Contributors are welcome!

Download the alpha version of stal/IX.
To learn more about stal/IX, visit our website at

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